About Homebrew

Homebrew (or more aptly described "Spacebrew") was created in the summer of 2016, designed loosely around Pathfinder's rules and with the intention of being run for my friend, Koby. However, it has enough detail and careful construction, as well as a year of regular playtesting, that I can safely deem it fit for play with multiple players and run by DMs who aren't myself.

While I will do my best to make it as understandable for those who may be entirely new to gamemastering and the likes, my explanaition of more basic actions such as turn economy in battling, ability score point buying, and other such mechanics will likely be lacking, and so you will best benefit by brushing up on these basics in Pathfinder (I recommend d20pfsrd.

Character Creation

   PDF version
   Google Sheets version


      •Cosmic Technician

   •Starting Inventory



      •Coboserso (Phomaeks)
      •Denell (Hvellens)
      •Earth & Her Intergalactic Colonies (Humans)
      •Helhaven (Halosynths)
      •Illien (Illiet)
      •Krub (Krawzirds)
      •Lovtiana (Elovia)
      •Meenkrovtia (Spacemun)
      •Retegade (Retegas)
      •Vellia (Vellian)

   •Galaxy History & Government
   •Dieties & Religions

   •Games & Entertainment

Game Mastering

   •Ships & Drones

   •Scavenging & Scrap
   •Conditions & Effects

Inventory & Power

   •Weapons & Armor
   •Medicine & Boosts
   •Poisons & Drugs